Article Marketing Secrets – Discover How to Automatically Repurpose Your Articles While You Sleep

One of the ways I define article marketing in my system is getting your information in front of as many eyes as possible in as many consumable forms as possible.

To make this work on a massive scale you need to find many ways to repurpose your articles and have them show up in as many places as possible. How would you like to have this happen automatically while you are sleeping or doing something else?

An EzineArticles Innovation

At the time of this writing Twitter is one of the most trafficked social networking sites on the internet. You set up an account on Twitter and you begin to “follow” people and they begin to “follow” you. When you post to twitter you only get 140 characters for your “mini-blog post.” That’s 140 characters, not words. At Twitter they call these mini-blog posts a “tweet.”

The team at EzineArticles has now set it up where each time one of your new articles is accepted, EzineArticles will automatically send a “tweet” for you at Twitter announcing that you have a new article available, with the link to your article.

What to do next

1. Go to your EzineArticles account and get into your Author’s Area. Click on Profile Manager, then Edit Author Bio. Below links for your web sites, blogs and social networks (which you want to have filled out, by the way) you will see a place to enter your Twitter user name and password. Do that, hit save changes, and you are all set.

2. Now get to work on your Twitter account. Post there several times a day to develop a presence there. Build your list of people following you and build your list of the people you are following. Then every time you have a new article posted at EzineArticles they will “tweet” for you and hundreds, maybe thousands of followers will be able to access your new article and the links back to your web sites and blogs.

3. And to increase the number of articles you have showing up on EzineArticles, Twitter, and all over the ‘Net, I invite you to get your free.