Wood Burning Stove to Heat Surge Fireplace

I grew up in a home that was primarily heated with a wood burning stove. I loved spending nights curled up in front of the stove, reading a book, or watching TV. And I even enjoyed the long days in the fall spent cutting and splitting logs. So naturally when I became an adult I could not wait to have a room or even my entire house heated by the wonderful and efficient aroma of burning wood. However, little did I know the amount of work that went into installing and maintaining one of these stoves.

Now as an adult I realize how much back-breaking work cutting a supply of wood to last the entire winter can be and I have also begun to think more about the responsibility and dangers that can come from having an open flame burning within your home. That’s when I discovered the remarkable invention known as the Amish Heat Surge Fireplace.

While the Amish Heat Surge will probably not replace the nostalgia and aromas associated with my wood burning stove, it will definitely still evoke the feeling of warmth and comfort of curling up in front of the fire. This handy appliance is designed to look like a fireplace and feel like a fireplace, without the dangers associated with the burning and smoke of a fireplace. And it is also known to give off more heat than a traditional fireplace due to its technological advances and use of infrared heat.

With the Amish Heat Surge Fireplace I can supply heat to any room in my house by simply plugging it into the wall. And with the handy wheels on the bottom I can easily move it to the room I want to spend time in. Not something I could do with my wood burning stove. When I decided to switch to this more efficient form of heat it was also nice because I could pick the color I wanted to match my décor and I am incredibly amazed by the handmade craftsmanship.

According to every heat surge review that I read prior to purchasing one I could not find even a handful of unsatisfied customers. While it may not be exactly what everyone is looking for or even something everyone will want, the heat surge fits wonderfully into our home’s décor and heating needs. I hope that my children will appreciate a nice night in front of the fireplace like I did while I have peace of mind that we won’t run the risk of having a fire in our home.